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Anonymous asked: I didn't even think of that. now that you mention it, You're like the fairies from Sleeping beauty

Haha I would love that. Though I think they are masked characters now. Either way I will take whatever the heck they give me. I will be a fierce Ursula. I don’t care.

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Anonymous asked: where are you from?

Seattle Washington :)

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Anonymous asked: What are your measurements? Are you in the princess range?

I am 5’5 or 5’6, but I know what other measurements you want…I am a little unsure of the question

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Anonymous asked: What is your Profile Picture from?

Lizzie McGuire the episode is called “Over the Hill” Season 2 Episode 11 <3

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Anonymous asked: I can sooooo see you as a Disney Princess, especially cinderella.

That just made me smile so big. Thank you. If only you were the judge! I would die if I was cast as Cinderella. Though I think I am more of a Fairy Godmother type. haha

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