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Nothing here is promised or secure

I can promise nothing to myself

Held close is the lies I want to live by

But are heavily imbalanced by my need for you

I wait for you

Until every impatient voice silences out my drive

I suppose without you I could survive

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monsterparamour asked: Did you write that? :)

Yes I did

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We are never in the same places

He wants to get away and never see me again

And today I never hurt for that

Today I never thought about you

I unconfined my spacing

And the way he looked at me

Like I was worth chasing

The rush of this unidentified hope

Maybe it’s found me

I wear this shoddy crown

Of elevated meaning

While I can’t hold my own

Even if he likes me 

I am back on someone else leaning

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Anonymous asked: hey hey i can be your friend:) hehe you are cute :D

Hey! Score! Thank you

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Anonymous asked: you always complain about not having friends... i seriously doubt you're completely alone, stop complaining there are more important things in the world to worry about

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