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Anonymous asked: that story is not very funny

ok thanks for going out of your way to message me

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Maya Angelou once came into my mom’s hair salon and wanted a manicure when they were booked. When the receptionist told Maya she claimed he was a ‘racist’. My mom had to write a letter apologizing to her and insisting her salon wasn’t racist.

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pixie-peachy asked: Are you okay darling?? Jesus loves you xx

Yes I’m okay! Don’t worry love ha jesus

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You are my wishing well
I look to you to feel better
Throw it all into you
Nowhere to go
Nothing to be
I wish I were somewhere safe
Hold me tight so I don’t cry alone
I need more than anyone can give
Why do people choose to live?
When is it ever enough?
I don’t want to go home
Please, I’ll sit in silence
No more screaming
No more violence
I need a promise I can believe
Please, please don’t leave

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How do I nicely turn him down without getting murdered? A question all women are now asking themselves.  (via fruitygal)

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Anonymous asked: What's your fav tumblr blog ? :) (or blogS)


I go on all these frequently! ;)

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lovely-greluche asked: You're soooo pretty and your blog is perfect ! <3

Thank you my dear! Makes me smile!

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llleaves asked: long story: i was looking thru ur beautiful blog and came across some really outrageously pigmented lipsticks. i've been wanted to play with color for awhile but i could only find wild colors from the occ lip tar which is kind expensive for me now but now i've found the shades thru kleancolor that i've been wanting to try forever so thx for ur beauty and inspiration xo

That makes me really happy! So cool! Which lipsticks? Enjoy! I’m sure they look great 💄thank you for the message!

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