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yousavvyrealgood asked: I'm having an interview for a retail job soon & I'm super nervous cause this is only my 2nd time ever having an interview & I'm not the most confident when it comes to being put on the spot :c Do you have any tips on how to manage through it? Xox


Hey! Oh goodness I have had tons of retail interviews. I know it can be nerve wracking!
Find a way to incorporate your personal passions into why you want to work there. For example “I am passionate about helping women feel confident and powerful.”
Also remember the interviewers name for sure. Thank them at the end and use their name. That comes across really personable, and that’s good in retail.
Maybe if you can find it look up the companies mission statement. Keep the mission statement in mind when you are in your interview.

They might trick you by asking what your weaknesses are, just tell them you don’t ever want to stop working. There really isn’t a good weakness.

Just smile and be friendly and you’ll be great. They just want someone who can greet and talk to customers easily. You’ll do great! I promise.

The fact that your worried about it shows how much you care!

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