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Anonymous asked: i really really love your blog....!!! so colorful... :)
im a big fan of disney princess too... :)

Thank you sunshine! I try to do a mixture of colorful things that make me happy and Disney princess stuff :-) I am glad you like it! Thanks for following have a good day!

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stardush asked: hello! ;') very very love your blog!! all things are CUTE!!! :) very love it! and I love pink too :')

Hello there (-: thanks a million girl! Oh gosh pink is my favorite! have a splendid day :) You are a superstar…lol

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princessgildaaaa asked: You always make my day just a bit more girlier and pinky-er! haha! :]
Love it!!

I am very happy to hear that, I think that is my goal in life haha! Thank you so much :-)

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mermaidstansandholdinghands asked: Hey(: well first off I want to say that i adore your tumblr(:
How many posts do you have and how many followers??

Hello there :-) Thank you so much my dear…I am following you! and your pictures are awesome, I really enjoy your taste. I have 5,575 posts! and 11,194 followers :) and I am so grateful because they all rock!

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honey-jars asked: I love your blog! OMGGG

Gracias! haha you seem pretty awesome! Have a lovely day, and I will be sure to follow :-)

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soueles asked: Do you believe in magic?

I try my best to believe in it! It gives me hope in this crazy world we live in.

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awesomeetsythings asked: Hi- I sent you some links earlier, but then I decided to get a tumblr of my own, so if you want to link to me for credit for a submission please use 80sgirlygirl as the username. Thanks. :)

Hello hello hello! You are such a rockstar…you totally know my taste in pictures dear! I love your links. I am gonna go through them again and post them and you get all the props. Thank you soo much! I am following you now by the way, because you are hella cool. :-)

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followamyhere asked: what do you want to be MADE into? :)
and btw good luck! I hope you do well if you get in! Be sure to advertise Tumblr well!! ;)

The MTV people were like “Prom Queen”….so we will see how that works out. Haha thank you so much, yes I hope so too. I never ever thought of myself as being on tv or even winning prom queen, so I am excited!

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itsnotovertonight asked: What did you try out for on MADE? Like what do you want to be MADE into?

Runway model/Prom Queen lol it will sure be interesting if I make it.

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freakinkim asked: may i ask what you want to be
MADE into?? (:

Well I couldn’t really think of anything…I just went in there saying Tyra is my role model and I aspire to be like her….haha and they suggested I be made into “prom queen”. 

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I am about to answer 117 messages! Sorry it took so long my gems, I have been really busy with school and things….
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I thought I should let you all know that I tried out for MADE on mtv a few days ago!
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