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ditzkrieg-deactivated20110725 asked: What do you want to be "Made" as?

I have watched the show a few times before, and I always wanted to be one of those girls who were MADE into prom queen or runway model, because that is totally not me…I want to get out of my comfort zone!

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porcelainivory asked: LOL awwe! bring it up in a casual way but jokingly like "omg! i forgot to put that im in a relationship with you on facebook ! did you change yours yet?" or be like "why arent you in a relationship with me on facebook :( " just do it in a way that makes it seem casual and like you dont care but do at the same time haha idk!

Thank you sooo much haha…Yeah i realized I was freaking out for no reason because it wasnt even a huge deal to him…I guess I can be  a drama queen lol. Well  it is changed now and we have been together for a few months! I wish you all the luck in the world with your relationship dear! 

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Anonymous asked: i really really love your blog....!!! so colorful... :)
im a big fan of disney princess too... :)

Thank you sunshine! I try to do a mixture of colorful things that make me happy and Disney princess stuff :-) I am glad you like it! Thanks for following have a good day!

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stardush asked: hello! ;') very very love your blog!! all things are CUTE!!! :) very love it! and I love pink too :')

Hello there (-: thanks a million girl! Oh gosh pink is my favorite! have a splendid day :) You are a superstar…lol

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princessgildaaaa asked: You always make my day just a bit more girlier and pinky-er! haha! :]
Love it!!

I am very happy to hear that, I think that is my goal in life haha! Thank you so much :-)

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mermaidstansandholdinghands asked: Hey(: well first off I want to say that i adore your tumblr(:
How many posts do you have and how many followers??

Hello there :-) Thank you so much my dear…I am following you! and your pictures are awesome, I really enjoy your taste. I have 5,575 posts! and 11,194 followers :) and I am so grateful because they all rock!

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honey-jars asked: I love your blog! OMGGG

Gracias! haha you seem pretty awesome! Have a lovely day, and I will be sure to follow :-)

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soueles asked: Do you believe in magic?

I try my best to believe in it! It gives me hope in this crazy world we live in.

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