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lovely-greluche asked: You're soooo pretty and your blog is perfect ! <3

Thank you my dear! Makes me smile!

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llleaves asked: long story: i was looking thru ur beautiful blog and came across some really outrageously pigmented lipsticks. i've been wanted to play with color for awhile but i could only find wild colors from the occ lip tar which is kind expensive for me now but now i've found the shades thru kleancolor that i've been wanting to try forever so thx for ur beauty and inspiration xo

That makes me really happy! So cool! Which lipsticks? Enjoy! I’m sure they look great 💄thank you for the message!

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couronnedelauriers asked: Dammit ! I can spend all my time on your blog <3 I love it !!

Thank you for doing that 💋

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Anonymous asked: Hii 😁👋

Well hello 👸

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Snacklemore is the best username I can think of. You are welcome to it.

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