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I haven’t got to responding to all the messages on here because of the small amount of hours in the day. This week has been SO busy. So don’t think I’m purposely ignoring you! Don’t worry, I will get to it soon! Thank you for all the love.
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It’s my Birthday, I’m seventeen now. Thank you for all the sweet messages! :)
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kathy-j asked: Happy Birthday! All the stuff you post is so cute maybe a few Disney songs every so often would be a cute idea ;D

Thank You! I’m glad you like it. Thats a wonderful idea, I will start that pretty soon just for you :)

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pastelsandneutrals-deactivated2 asked: i hope you get a message from disney wishing you a happy birthday (somehow!). you're my daily fix of everything disney and i LOVE your blog. congrats on getting older! :)

Oh my! That would sure be delightful. Somehow I wish that would happen too! hehe yes I can’t believe how old I am now. It’s crazy! But thank you, have a wondeful day :)

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Anonymous asked: Hello, my name is Natalí to Chile (America Latina) , and i love your page, i love your style, Kiss from you fan! hehehe, muak!

Naty.- =)

Hey! Thank you SO much. Haha I’m glad you like it :)

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chicaqowhite asked: Hey! ^_^ i heard it's your birthday. So, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

Hello! News travels fast. Thank you so much! You are wonderful :)

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milkfangs asked: FFFFUUUUUUUUUU
I was waiting to be the first person to with you a happy birthday at EXACTLY 12:00, when I got caught up playing Tetris.
Happy birthday anywayy :)

That is so thoughtful. Thank you haha. If it makes you feel any better it isn’t 12:00am where I live! I understand Tetris is VERY fun. :)

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blahhimmakrackenfromthesea asked: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to the princess bloggggggggggggggg happy birthday to youuuuuuu :D

=] Thank you SO much! I am one happy girl now.

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