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Anonymous asked: i dont know whether it is still your birthday! i just wanted to wish you happy birthday (am from singapore.) and i love your blog (: how old are you? well, have a good birthday Hannah! much love!

Thank you for the birthay wishes!!! ;) Oh wow! your from Singapore??I don’t even think I know where that is, i should look it up, maybe. I just turned 17!! Thank you again, much love to you have a great day :)

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acciojonsnow asked: oh hey, you totally look like aimee teegarden. i just had to tell you that : ]

Hey! So I had no idea who Aimee Teegarden was. I looked her up and figured out that it is that girl for Friday Night Lights. Oh my gosh she is too cute! I take that as a huge compliment. Thank you SO much, i am really sorry by the way about the late response. Have great day ;]

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gusdontbe- asked: Don't know if you got my other one or if you are just choosing not to answer (I hope not ;) )
Happy Birthday Princess, It is your special day <3
that song is too cute :D
Happy B-day I love all the pics you post and your blog.

I’m SO sorry it took so long to respond. I wasn’t ignoring you, I have just been so very busy. i love love love the song. Thank you again for the wonderful Birthday wishes. I’m glad you like all the Birthday pics haha.

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gusdontbe- asked: Happy Birthday Princess, this is your special day :)
this is a song, we played it at my little cousins birthday tea party
happy birthday I love all the amazing pictures you post :)

Hey! Thank you SO much for the birthday wishes. I looked up the song, wow you are amazing! I love it haha. I should of had a princess tea party and blasted that song. I’m really glad you like my pictures! :)

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kappachan asked: Today is your birthday? Happy birthday! All best wishes and hopefully all of your dreams coming true :D Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures with us on Tumblr :)

Hey! Thank you SO much for the Birthday wishes. You are too sweet:) I am glad you like my pictures, have a great day.

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heiressofmillions asked: from what I......looked at it, lol its your birthday today? happy birthday! i love your blog :D

lol well I’m sorry it took sooo very long to get back to you. But yeah you were right! thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. i am really glad you like my tumblr :)

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edzwashere asked: it's probably belated already, but happy birthday! :D i just really wanted to greet you since your tumblr is one of my favorites. :)

Oh it’s all good! Thank you SO much. i’m really glad you like my tumblr. You are so nice. have a wonderful day :)

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yasmin86-deactivated20100827 asked: Happy birthday! You're beautiful and I love your tumblr! :)

Oh thank you SO much for the Birthday wishes. I’m glad you like my tumblr. and thank you haha. You look beautiful in your icon picture :)

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rogersplaidpants asked: Happy birthday! I lvoe your tumblr so much :D

Hey! thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. I’m am so glad you like it. :]

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newsunrise asked: oh hi!(: you have such cute/pretty posts and you seem really nice! happy birthday, too!(:

Hey! Thank you SO much. I’m really glad you like my posts. You seem nice too :) have a wonderful day.

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letthemeatglitter asked: http://letthemeatglitter.tumblr.com/post/343798268

happy birthday!

THANK YOU!!!! i followed you! Your pictures are awesome. :]

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negative-----creep asked: happieeee birthday =)))

Hey! Thank you SO much. Sorry for the late response, by the way I love your pictures. Have a great day too. :]

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jessicasoldblog asked: Happy Birthday :D :D :D

Hey!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Have great day! :)

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fybeautyandthebeast asked: Happy birthday! Have a great dayy! :)

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. But Thank you for thinking of me. By the way I love your icon picture, it’s funny I got that Belle crown last time I went to Disneyland.

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rectitude asked: Happy Birthday! Have a good one. :D

Hey! Thank you SO much all these birthday messages really made my day. Have a good day :)

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