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You’re a ghost of yourself
You know? This is all you want
To control, devour
Pick all the flowers
Because you have no concerns
Covered in scars and burns
Nothing; I am not nothing
I am real, I am something
Don’t make me a ghost
I know you sit there and boast
As if you were as soulless
As you appear
You’d have to be
People cry
People they try
But you are nothing but a ghost
Pour that drink and toast
To all the wasted time
And those girls you hide from
Short memories
Alone with your problems
I will and I am
Escaping your blank of abundant nothingness
I will be;
I will breathe the air of a truly happy day

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what kind of fuckery is this

a large portion of the Victoria’s Secret Angels are smaller than the smallest band size sold in the store that they are modeling

Unrealistic beauty standards to say the least!

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