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Anonymous asked: do u kno where da eff i can watch stuck in the suburbs online????

I was thinking it would be on youtube, but I guess not…I’m sorry to let you down! I don’t have any sneaky links.

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Anonymous asked: what celebrities do people mistake you for?

Once when I had my short haircut someone on the bus was calling me “Miss Kelly!” But really no one now.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that Cadet Kelly is playing on Disney Channel tonight at 2:30am/ET. You were the first person I thought of when I saw it. Maybe you can stay awake for it or DVR it?

I am very very touched that you would think of me. I actually did tivo it, thanks to you my dear. 

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Anonymous asked: How do you like working at Victoria's Secret? Are you a PINK girl? And what are your discounts?

At first I was very naive and gung-ho about working for the company. I was sold on the idea that Victoria’s Secret wanted to empower women by making them feel confident and sexy… It just seemed like a glamorous job. Plus Tyra was a model for Victoria’s Secret! But very quickly I came to the realization that they are only trying to appeal to a certain demographic of women. And if you don’t fit that demographic you are stuck with the two choices of extra large underwear that are extremely conservative and up to your belly button, and the button down flannel pajamas. Not to mention they won’t even let the “bigger” sizes of bras and underwear on the walls.
I have found it pretty hard to be a advocate for this brand that was created to “empower women” when it was created and to this day owned by men!
…more like Victor’s Secret!

I mean on the outside it’s okay, I get a 30% discount and organize, size and put in rainbow order underwear all day and get paid for it. But still I am extremely passionate about how much Victoria’s Secret stands for everything I despise.

But as you can probably tell by now I am not a PINK girl…

I look at it now as I am taking it down from within haha…

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Anonymous asked: What movie was the gif you posted from, the one were the girl is crawling out of the window saying "I'm going to get my kicks while I'm still young enough to get them"?

Grease, my love!

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