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Anonymous asked: I love your blog but the format is nuts. One suggestion, you should consider just starting your own individual website which is not tied down to Tumblr. Also a suggestion for this site as it is now, it took me two weeks to even notice the headings up at the top as they are the same color as the background for the most part- I would change the heading color and/or make it a bigger font so people can see. Just my two cents- I look forward to hearing more from you princess!

Wow thank you for all the feedback! I will consider getting another site, like a Blogspot…is that what you mean? I am insecure about my writing so I am a bit hesitant. It seems like people do a lot of writing on there. But I definitely do have a lot to say haha. As far as the header situation goes I have been working on that but every color or font is invisible! But I will continue to work on that. Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it! :)

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Anonymous asked: Can you link us to the video? I really wanna see it =^.^= pweez

I deleted it, I am sorry babe!

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Anonymous asked: your disclaimer is the greatest thing I have ever read.

Thank you so much, I just added that. I am so glad there are people that agree with that. Re-reading it now I see typos! Sorry 

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